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Hello, I'm "That" Girl Mico.
I help aspiring entrepreneurs like you align their passion with a money making career path, without sacrificing time and peace. 
Drawing from my personal journey of building a
six-figure business from scratch, I offer the exact strategies I used to grow and scale a sustainable business all while enjoying life as a wife and mom.


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Uncover your potential and explore how your interests can shape your career path. Grab my free resource and let me help you connect the dots between your passions and professional success. Take the first step towards a fulfilling career aligned with what you love.

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My resources were created to help you quickly navigate through the same issues I saw when I first started my own business. They answer the questions you can't google, they show the real steps to take without confusion or wasted time, and give examples of things that actually work.

Let's Work Together

"That" Girl Mastermind

If you're anything like me, you know that surrounding yourself with creative and driven people is a whole different kind of flex. The mastermind is where we not only bounce ideas off each other, but it's a place we can come together to share tips and tricks that help support growth, sales, engagement and pure happiness. This group is my JAM, literally, and I love the leaps and bounds each and every person in the group sees.


Access to a Private Slack Channel for 24/7 communication


Access to all Mini Classes or trainings we release during your subscription


Bi- Weekly Zoom Meets Up's for Live Q &A with Michaelene


Discounts for courses and live events

Subscription Options

3 Months:

Paid in Full - $157


3 Payments of - $55 

6 Months:

Paid in Full - $297


6 Payments of - $52 

12 Months:

Paid in Full - $607


6 Payments of - $51


1 on 1

Ready to turn your passions into a profitable business without getting lost in generic strategies?

With my personalized approach, I cut through the confusion to craft a framework tailored to your unique goals and interests. Bid farewell to aimless wandering—under my guidance, you'll transform your passions into profit with purpose.

Imagine a life where you earn from doing what you love most. Our mentorship program turns that dream into reality. I'll assist you in building a business that perfectly aligns with your passions, ensuring every step you take is fulfilling and financially rewarding.

I understand that challenges may arise along the way. That's why my mentorship program offers 24/7 access through a closed Voxer chat AND weekly Zoom Video Meet Ups. We'll address all your specific questions, from social media performance to marketing campaigns, inner work, and overcoming emotional blocks.

And the perks don't stop there. As a member of our mentorship program, you'll enjoy full access to newly released resources and discounts on other programs.

Don't let confusion hold you back any longer.

1 Month Container: $457

3 Month Container: $1311

6 Month Container: $2502

*Payment Plans are available

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I have really enjoyed, That Girl Club!  I can already see a shift in my mindset.  Feeling more positive and optimistic than I was before.  I had unexpected funds come my way already which was confirmation that shifts are happening.

Nicole N.

The program encourages a mindset shift that I've found to be a game-changer. Waking up each morning with a sense of purpose and the affirmation that "today will be great" has become my daily mantra. This simple yet powerful shift has had a ripple effect on my business, injecting a newfound creativity and productivity into my work.

Amber W.

I know I have to show up consistently. And I’ve realized I have to do something I’ve never done before to get something I’ve never had before. And That Girl Club has encourged me to do just that.

Deidre Y.



Meet Michaelene Sandberg, the visionary CEO behind the empowering movement, 'That' Girl Club. Driven by a fervent desire to see women proudly embrace their ambitions and goals, Michaelene founded TGC to create a community where empowerment meets ambition. Her mission is to inspire women to wear the title of "THAT" girl proudly, fostering a space where confidence, empowerment, and success intertwine seamlessly. 
"I'm on a mission to empower women to become the unstoppable force they were born to be. I believe in cultivating a community where every woman owns her power, radiates confidence, and fearlessly conquers her business journey. Through transformative programs and unwavering support, I'm here to inspire and guide them as they embark on the path to becoming 'That' girl in life—empowered, confident, and successful."


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